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It’s holistic. It’s modular. It’s VEGANGSTER.
If you are looking for a comprehensive one-stop shop platform for casino and sports betting operations, you’ve found one.

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In-house built tools under one umbrella
Being the fruit of more than a decade of expert development, our modular yet seamless multifunctional structure of the platform unites the best possible tools for prolific operational strategies.
Outstanding range of retention tools
Deeply built into the platform for a smooth and enjoyable player journey, retention and bonus tools are there for you when it comes to sustaining one’s thrill and commitment.
Seamless integrations with game and payment suppliers
Take advantage of wholesome integrations with 200+ payment systems and 80+ gaming vendors providing the best gaming titles in the industry.
CRM Module and Affiliate Management System included
Top-notch CRM module and Affiliate Management system in one package are fulfilling the goals of varied customer lifecycles customised all the way and the unceasing traffic of new players.
Ready-made Tableau reports
This In-depth reporting engine with detailed player and performance analytics will become the apple of your data scientists' eye as it helps retrieve all the relevant up-to-date information in no time at ease.

Get on board in just 2 months!

Just imagine. We start collaborating, and within 2 months you’ll be successfully operating your own iGaming business, even if you have never done it before. No fuss, no stress, no need to start things from scratch, as we’ve got your back.

Time-proven, bursting with opportunities and equipped with anything you might need from A to Z, our platform is a magic wand with unlimited potential, and you are just one step away from unleashing it to the fullest!

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