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More than a decade of rocking the industry has shown us what tools and implements are actually efficient. And we are eager to hand you the reign over the best ones we’ve tailored!

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Game Aggregator

Bonus Module

Never shall you underestimate the power of three things: acquisition, retention and reactivation. Up our sleeve, we have a wide array of tools and triggers united in a seamless bonus engine aimed at boosting users’ interest and ever keeping them on their toes. We’ve tailored them so that you get this load off your mind, and we are proud of their impeccable service. Just imagine, Free Spins, Cashback, Rebate, Feature Triggers and many other treats to enhance engagement!

bonus module
Variety of triggers and treats: free spins, wagering, cashback, rebate and many others
Ability to make players feel like real gangstas by granting them exceptional statuses or motivational gifts
User-friendly bonus management system
Seamless connection with CRM and other platform engines for top player experience
Opportunity to cross-sell players between Sports and Casino verticals

Tournaments & Lottery

From customised to your personal taste tournaments to vibrant prize draws, you will be capable of having a constant mouth-watering impact on the users. Such campaigns are a win-win-win example, as they never fail to make providers, players and you happy with mutual results and motivated activity.

Tournaments with numerous timeframe and recurrence setup
Multiple point calculation system and various prize setting options
In-depth segmentation criteria
Score boosters, progressive and fixed prize pools
Versatile lottery customisation with any rewards as a cherry on top

Contests & Races

Fan-favourite of all times is our captivating concept of survival contests with dedicated providers when players are encouraged to keep qualifying from round to round in order to get to the last one where the most determinant participants share a prize pool. With no fuss and extra effort, you’ll be able to spur on player’s involvement while boosting and sustaining interest to a certain vendor to everyone’s profit.

Customised settings for amount and length of rounds, start and base price for qualification, multipliers, etc.
Up-to-date monitoring of participants and statistics
Luring idea of users being able to join the contest any time as long as they commit to making it to the finals
Optional late qualification, extra offers for selected rounds, choice of format determining the final round in time limits or amount of participants left

Loyalty Program

Our multi-layered loyalty program hits the players with ever-growing number of perks piling as they keep being active. With a ground as simple as that, you’d be surprised how involved users get with their statuses getting higher and more and more benefits showering them.


Unique technology based on player actual loyalty and retention


Flexible customisation and bonus setup based on achieved progress and levels


Cashback, rebate, deposit, wagers and other settings to tune up


Support of multiple currencies

Gifts store

In order to quench users’ thirst for more promising bonus games at higher stakes in games that do not possess bonus-buy features, you may take advantage of creating special sets of offers available for a purchase in the gift store.


Support of multiple currencies


Flexibility of price and wager modelling per set


Users’ winning-and-trill expectation boost


Convenient and detailed shop management


Affect those munchkins who can’t live a day without a challenge or a badge granted for being exceptional in game performance, whether it’s a win streak, amount of victories within a period of time or various combos of some other feats in a game.


Personalised player journeys across selected games


Amplified user’s commitment


Ability to touch the deepest human instincts and competitiveness


Interface allowing for a realtime reflection of players’ achievements in a ticker

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