Platform Core Tools

Just like pieces of a brilliant puzzle matching together, our in-house modules form a vigorous structure capable of extraordinary performances and strategies. It’s up to you to decide how to blend them, but it’s up to them to work miracles for you!

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Game Aggregator

Player Account Management System

Our backoffice is tailored to track every step a player may take to the extent you wish by means of all sorts of reporting and management tools available for a setup.

PAM System
Grip over all player’s actions, gaming sessions, verification, statistics and much more
Anti-fraud log allowing to prevent any potential abuse
Manual adjusting of player’s settings, bonus and payouts availability, balance, restrictions, etc.
Comprehensive toolkit for various promotional activities and their overview
Monitoring of every move a player does within the gaming platform and their profile

Casino Management Engine

We have established our casino module upon a few key pillars: scalability, flexibility, revenue boost, customer satisfaction and smart integration.With just a couple of clicks you can add new game titles and set them up to your liking, sort them across various categories and locate them just as you wish both at the back- and frontend.Having all these opportunities at your disposal, you can stimulate both customer and vendor satisfaction, just imagine taking advantage of it all.

Platform core tools
Label exclusively available releases or those negotiated with vendors or add up jackpot widgets to get that hype
Set up preferences for certain locales, regions or time frames
Configure all aspects of rebate, wager, bonus funds allowance, blacklists and other features for new and existing games
Tune the presets for players’ favourite games based upon their interests by means of our in-house developed matrix tool
Pin titles to be reflected as “games of the month” and “top games” for a better recognition and promo campaigns

Sportsbook Management Engine

Unlock wild betting opportunities to your players with our Sportsbook software embracing classic sports disciplines as well as virtual and esports! It can be used as a modular or stand-alone solution, yet with guaranteed revenue and thrill boost for both you and your users. Sprinkle it with a wholesome lineup of gamification tools, flexible CMS systems for swift frontend management and detailed reporting, and you will find yourself equipped with an outstanding platform for sports savvies of all kinds.


50,000+ Live events per month


6,500 markets to bet on


80+ of sports total


Dozens of broadcasts every day


Pre-match and Live in-play betting


Industry highest uptime


Customization for selected locales and regions


Free bets, comboboost, bet refunds and other bonuses

Content Management System

Content is the king, and having its every bit at your fingertips is ultimately important. And we have a solution for that, our Content Management System, flexible, multifunctional and user-friendly. It allows for efficient business running and swift configuration of any component: promo campaigns, tournaments and contests, terms and conditions sections, banners, and basically anything you are up to.


Intuitive workflow available for non-technicians


Multi-language content creation


Instant configuration and editing


Customised setup of backgrounds, games, banners, timings

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