about us

About us

What can a successful and time-proven B2C business do after 10+ years of constant development in gaming industry? Rest on their laurels, of course! Which has turned to be not enough for us.

So, we grabbed all the gained expertise, extraordinary products forged in the flames of volatile environment, excellent communication with providers being established for years, having come up with a B2B platform which knows how to make it work.

Why should you start it all from scratch if there is a sustainable and diverse product working like clockwork and able to be adapted to any needs of yours? That’s a rhetoric question, of course, so we suggest that you’d saddle up and embark on a stunning journey with us across the VEGANGSTER platform!

  • 10+

    years in the industry

  • 80+

    game providers

  • 200+

    payment providers

  • 7000+


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